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Dovaston Crew, setting the standard in the selection of professional, private and charter yacht and superyacht crew
We know from first hand experience, the needs and necessities of the industry's employers as well as those of the employees

Building On A Wealth Of Experience

Established 20 years ago, Dovaston became one of the most respected and recognised names in the yachting industry.
Now, as Dovaston Crew, we continue to stand out in an industry that is accustomed to excellence in all areas.

Dovaston Crew continues the legacy.

“Setting the Standard” is not just a logo but the fundamental philosophy of the company.

Dovaston Crew, 20 years supplying professional crew to the yacht and superyacht industry
Meeting the Demands of a Growing Market
The company office, opposite the Marivent Palace, Palma de Mallorca, is equipped to handle the increasing demands of this very specialised industry. With a dedicated team we are able to offer a very professional and personal service.
Dovaston Crew, harnessing the power of technology to crew the world's yachts and superyachts
Making the Most of Technology
Requests for our services are coming from all corners of the world and with today’s communications technology this is easily facilitated.
Dovaston Crew, 20 years helping professional crew find their yacht and superyacht job
Rigorous Candidate Selection
Through our structured interviewing process we are able to build a detailed picture of each individuals qualifications, level of abilities, character and personal needs. Although these interviews are a time consuming process they are the key to our success.